Monday, April 30, 2012

What an Amazing show Oprah did on the "City of Widows"! I am so glad that so many more people are aware of the plight of the widows there! Her interview with Dr. Giri was intense and eye opening. The reality that these women chanting in the ashrams and begging on the streets is demeaning and the hope that one day the widows seeking shelter in Vrindavan will finally be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve is what drives me to continue the work with the White Rainbow Project. Won't you join us! Visit our website to learn how you can be a part of the change for these women! As Dr. Giri so eloquently stated in the interview, now that Oprah has shed light on this injustice positive change is sure to come soon! 


  1. Yes, it was such a great segment that Oprah Winfrey aired on the Widows of Vrindavan and her interview with Dr. Giri. And thank-you Linda Mandrayar for all you and the White Rainbow Project do for the widows of Vrindavan in the city of widows.

  2. I also thought it was interesting that there weren't more widows at Ma Dham, Dr. Giri's beautiful facility she has set up for them. It looked so nice!! I hope to be able to visit the facility when I visit Vrindavan on behalf of the White Rainbow Project.

    1. Ma Dham is a beautiful and peaceful place and I have enjoyed staying there and visiting with the sweet women living there. Since it is about 5 miles out of town and away from where the Bajan Ashrams (Chanting Temples)are, many of the women don't know about Ma Dham or they are hesitant to live so far away from the city.