Friday, June 25, 2010

Cynthia Made it!

I am so thrilled! Cynthia Roberts just arrived in Vrindavan and is staying at the Shelter (Ma Dham) with the widows. Cynthia saw White Rainbow over 2 years ago and decided that some thing had to be done. She has volunteered to be the first White Rainbow Project team member staying full time with the widows at Ma Dham. She will be our liaison between the sponsors and the widows. She will also be looking for tangible ways that we can express God's Love for these women. The first thing she noticed was how they were suffering in the heat. Since the electricity goes off constantly and there is not enough funds to buy petrol for the generators to keep the fans running, Cynthia decided that that would be her first gift. She is going to buy enough petrol to keep the electricity on so that the widows do not have to suffer the sweltering heat without fans. Thank you Cynthia for truly being the Hands and Feet of Christ! You are amazing and I'm looking forward to joining you in service in July. I hope it cools down a little by then :)