Thursday, September 30, 2010

Widows Stories

Cynthia has been busy these past few months that she has been living in Vrindavan at the Ma Dham shelter for destitute widows. One of her favorite tasks has been interviewing widows that she has been caring for and loving on so that she can learn more about them and pass on their stories to us. Please take a moment to learn about them to see if it would be in your heart to help sponsor the care for these women. Every bit helps and every hug counts! We will be highlighting one widow at a time so keep checking back to see more faces and read more stories.

Gauri Biswash

Age: approximately 75 When asked her age she said, “500!” She married at age 13. Her husband was 22. She had one son. She became a widow at age 40. Three years after her husband died her son threw her out of the house so she came to Vrindavan. She has no contact with her family because it is too painful. She has difficulty walking, but she can still get around on her own very slowly.